A Guide to Celebrating Your Baby Full Moon for New Parents

As a first-time parent, it is incredibly exciting to celebrate your newborn baby’s key milestones. After birth, one of the most significant milestones that follow is the baby’s full moon celebration

What is a Baby Full Moon Celebration? 

This significant celebration can be traced back to ancient Chinese traditions, in which the infant mortality rate used to be very high. Hence, when a baby turns 1 month old (“Month” in Mandarin is yue, which directly translates to “Moon”), it calls for a great celebration. 

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According to the tradition, only after the baby successfully survives his or her first month, the parents will officially announce the newest addition to their families to family and friends. 

With this meaningful significance, many Chinese families still carry on this tradition of celebrating a baby’s full moon as a great opportunity to share the good news of their newborn baby. 

If you are looking to celebrate your baby’s full moon, keep reading! 

Now that you have a better understanding of the significance of this celebration, you may want to incorporate some traditional rituals and customs to this occasion. 

Here are some simple ones you can easily follow: 

Chinese Baby Full Moon Customs & Rituals

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  • Shaving the baby’s hair 

    Many people still keep to this tradition, which they will shave or trim the baby’s first head of hair during their full moon celebration. 

    This custom was passed down with the belief that the first head of hair of a baby is contaminated by the mother’s blood during birth, and only by shaving it when the baby reaches one month old, he or she is able to grow luscious and healthy hair in the future. 

  • Baby’s full moon bath 

    After the baby’s hair is shaved, the baby will be bathed in water either infused with pomelo leaves or flowers. The belief is that this would cleanse the baby, ward off any harm and evil, and signify a renewal of the baby towards a good life ahead. 

  • Paying respects to ancestors 

    With the celebration being focused on the official announcement of the arrival of the newborn baby, we do not forget our ancestors too. By paying respects to ancestors and introducing the baby to them, we would ask them for their blessings so the child will lead a long, healthy and happy life. 

Now that the rituals are done, it is time to plan a baby full moon party or to curate a baby full moon gift to be delivered to all your loved ones to share this joyous occasion with them. 

If you are clueless about where to start, here are some tips and pointers that can help guide you through.

Planning a Baby Full Moon Party:

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  • Set a theme & plan accordingly.

    You could keep it as simple as possible by just inviting your relatives and friends to your house and having a meal together.

    But if you enjoy planning parties, you could also set a theme and plan the party accordingly. You can drop the traditional theme altogether, or marry both traditional elements with a modern twist that you know your guest will enjoy.

  • Include traditional food items to mark the occasion.

    There are a few key food items that are equated to the Chinese baby full moon celebration:

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  • Red Hard Boiled Eggs - to signify good luck for your baby throughout his or her life. 

  • Ang Ku Kuih (Red Turtle Cakes) - to represent the longevity of the baby’s life. 

  • Glutinous Rice - to represent an auspicious occasion
If you would prefer to go with a more convenient celebration that is equally meaningful, you can choose to deliver baby full moon gift sets to relatives and friends as an official announcement of your baby’s arrival.

    Planning a Baby Full Moon Gifting: 

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    With the options available now, you can choose to go down the traditional route of including the key traditional food items into these gift kits or mix them up with meaningful gifts that still carries the significance of the occasion. 

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    If you prefer a more traditional baby full moon package, you can check out our Classic Full Moon Gift Sets. These sets incorporate traditional touches like the quintessential Eggs of Happiness or Ang Ku Kuih that your relatives will adore. 

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    If you enjoy a more out-of-the-box and creative baby full moon gift , our premium full moon boxes come in a customisable thematic bamboo steamer that is reusable for families. You can further customise the gift set with the items you prefer, so you can be rest-assured to curate something for your loved ones. 

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    The best part of it all - all our baby full moon gift sets come with personalised touches that includes the parents' and baby’s details! So the announcement of your precious little one can be a memorable one.  

    If you are planning your baby’s full moon celebration, we hope this guide can inspire you for this meaningful milestone for you and your newborn baby. 

    If you have any further enquiries regarding our Full Moon Celebratory Gift Boxes, you can reach out to us at contact@wishful.my or WhatsApp us at +6012 733 1672. 

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