Best Gifts With Delivery for Boyfriends/Husbands For All Occasions

If you have been in a relationship for some time now, you know one of the most difficult things is getting your partner a gift that they will love. 

It could be for any occasion - birthdays, Valentines' Day, or anniversaries, it seems like you are always scratching your head as to what you want to get for them.

Sure, they might be really practical and say all they want is YOU (if your man is a smooth talker), or that they don’t need anything, but as their partner, you want to still give them a thoughtful gift. 

Don’t worry, this time, we got your back. Here is a list of thoughtful gift ideas for the special man in your life. 

1. For the Busy Entrepreneurs 

We know you adore your partner for their drive and ambition in growing a business or that they are on a constant journey to better themselves in the work they do. 

If they are constantly rushing from one place to another, spending long hours at work, or have their headspace filled to the brim on the never-ending work tasks they need to go through, here is a good chance for you to pamper them with a romantic yet practical gift. 

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If he often has trouble sleeping with the running thoughts about work, our Sweet Dreams Gift Set will be perfect for him.

This gift comes with a curated collection of cosy items which includes an Artisan Shower Steamer and Coffee Body Scrub to help him relax, an Essential Oil Room and Pillow Mist that will kick the stress away and a Satin Eye Mask to ensure he falls into a deep, restful sleep. 

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If you want to pamper him with a collection of items that he can incorporate into his busy lifestyle as an entrepreneur, you can check out our Fortitude Gift Set as well. The kit includes: 

  • A bar of Lindt Excellence 70% Dark Chocolate to snack on as he powers through the work day 
  • A Personalised Stainless Steel Tumbler to keep him hydrated 
  • A Lumin Touchless Facemist to keep him refreshed throughout the day 
  • A Lime Basil & Mandarin Scented Candle to spruce up his home office 
  • A Luxurious Traditional Safety Razor to look neat for business meetings 
  • A Coconut Bar Soap to unwind after a busy day 

2. For the Coffee Lovers 

coffee gift malaysia

If your special man is cranky without his first cup of coffee in the morning, drinks so much coffee you wonder if it's coffee running in his veins, this gift is the way to his heart. 

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Instead of just getting him coffee beans or a piece of coffee-making equipment, why not get him a coffee-themed curated gift instead?

Our carefully curated Coffee & Chill Gift Set comes with everything he needs to elevate his coffee drinking experience. This gift includes a French Press, a Gold Coffee Scoop, Artisan Roastery Coffee Grounds, a Grey Coffee Mug and a pair of Rattan Coasters.

With this gift, he will be sure to think of you each time he sips his daily coffee. 

3. For the Suave Gentleman 

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If what won your heart over when you first met your boyfriend (or husband) was his polished looks or his clean, fresh scent, you know he is someone who takes proper care of his hygiene.

For a man like that, the best gift would be our Grooming Lover kit - so he can continue looking good and smelling great for all your date nights to come!

This kit includes a rejuvenating Method Men Sea & Surf Body Wash, a Shaves2U Swivel Handle with 5 Blade & a Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar Shaving Cream for the perfect shaving experience. 

However, if what won your heart was his dapper and charming personality and how well he carried himself, get him a sleek gift that includes everyday essentials to fit his style.

romantic gift for husband

This all-black Modern Man Gift Set comes with key essentials in a luxurious matte black packaging: 

  • Matte Black Digitalised Thermos 
  • Single Serve Drip Coffee Bags (4 packs) 
  • Matte Black Personalised Handcrafted Artisan Genuine Leather Key Chain
  • Coconut Bar Soap 

4. For the Selfless & Hardworking Man Who Deserves A Break

We know men tend to put on a tough exterior as if nothing ever tires or wavers them. However, deep down we know they too, like to be pampered and cared for.

If your partner has been stressed out at work, helping out a lot at home, or even if he is juggling everything to make sure you have nothing to worry about, find an excuse to get him these unique and luxurious gift sets: 

Strength Gift Kit
Perfect for a small celebratory gift or to show your gratitude to your loved one. 

gifts for men malaysia

This set includes a Johnnie Walker Black Label, a personalised Whiskey Liquor Pocket Flask Set & A Jar of Spicy Seaweed Turtle Chips.

Fortitude Gift Kit
Perfect if you cannot seem to decide on what to get him, and want him to enjoy a variety of luxurious items. 

gifts for men malaysia

This set includes a Dark Chocolate Bar, Coconut Bar Soap, Facemist, Safety Razor, Scented Candle and a Personalised Stainless Steel Tumbler. 

Vigor Gift Kit
Perfect for the man who enjoys a quiet evening unwinding at home after a long, hectic day. 

gifts for men

This set includes Ferrero Rocher Dark Chocolate, Spicy Seaweed Turtle Chips, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Whiskey Stone Cubes & A Pair of Fuji Shaped Whiskey Glasses. 

    We know how much of a struggle it is to get the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband, especially if you have been together for quite some time and have run out of ideas. We hope this list has provided you with a touch of inspiration! 

    If any of our gift sets caught your eye, we provide gift delivery across Malaysia and Singapore. 

    If none of the gifts we shared above resonated with your partner, and you would like to curate a thoughtful gift that is both practical while looking aesthetic, reach out to us for a custom gift inquiry and our team will guide you through the entire process seamlessly. You can reach out to us at or WhatsApp us at +6012 733 1672 and our team will support you. 

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