Local Malaysian Brands to Check Out If You Are Looking for a Gift

With the upcoming Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebration coming right around the corner, we cannot help but be filled with nostalgia and love for this country we get to call home. 

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As a proudly local brand ourselves, we are always in awe and inspired by so many different local brands that have made a mark and improved the lives of many with their amazing products.

So today we will be sharing some of our own favourite local brands that we simply love—especially if you are looking to get a gift for a loved one while still showing your support to homegrown brands! 

1. Lilin & Co 

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Image source: Lilin & Co's Website

Lilin & Co has been around for more than 5 years now and has become a familiar brand to many of us. 

As its namesake, they specialise in crafting artisanal hand-poured premium soy candles, scented with the finest quality of fragrance & essential oils. Their brand takes a very minimalistic aesthetics, which makes their candles perfect additions to any home, regardless of age and gender. 

Lilin & Co’s candles are great as housewarming gifts to add a warm and homey atmosphere to someone’s new space, or as a gift for someone who values their time spent at home or enjoys a good ol’ self-care routine. 

If you are looking for a curated gift that includes Lilin & Co’s products, here are some of our best selections: 

beautiful gift for birthday

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2. Signature Market 

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Image source: Signature Market's Website

If you are on the lookout for a more practical gift—especially for families of different ages, Signature Market is a great place to start. 

Signature Market is a great local platform that provides carefully selected health and wellness products at an affordable price to encourage a healthier lifestyle among Malaysians. With a wide array of healthy snacks and beverages, and now expanding its product collection into essential oils and skincare, this local brand has made great strides in the health and wellness industry. 

If you would like to know more about this amazing homegrown brand and how they scale their business, you can check out our interview with the CEO, Edwin HERE

If you are looking for curated gifts that include Signature Market’s awesome goodies, you can check out: 

unique full moon gift sets

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guo da li gifts

gifts for new mums

3. Buds Organics 

buds organic gift sets

Image source: Buds Organics' Website

If you are a mother, chances are you probably have already tried or heard of Buds Organics. This certified organic baby, kids and mother skincare brand has made our country proud by growing from a humble brand started by a father’s love to treat his children’s sensitive skin, to a brand that has a strong presence in more than 10 countries with a wide range of products for the family. 

With its commitment to ensuring all its products are thoroughly researched, and only include the highest quality organic ingredients, you know that you will be in good hands when looking for a gift suitable for both babies and mothers. 

As mothers themselves, our founders are great fans of Buds Organics and we have incorporated their products in these gifts we offer: 

gift sets for newborn baby

gifts for baby shower

4. Claire Organics 

claire organics gift set

Image source: Claire Organic's Instagram

Claire Organics is founded by a loving mum who wanted to make natural handmade soaps and home remedies for her baby, to which then became the start for this local brand. 

With a clear vision to spread kindness, Claire Organics crafts personal care products that are made with high-quality natural ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, oatmeal etc. 

If you know someone who have sensitive skin or prefer using natural products, Claire Organics is a great option to consider. 

We have also incorporated Claire Organic’s product into our gift kit: 

gifts for birthday girl

5. Golden Bird's Nest

golden birds nest gift

Golden Bird's Nest is a Malaysian family business that is founded on the belief that health is the greatest wealth anyone can have in life. As we know, bird's nest is a highly nutritious home remedy that is said to be beneficial for is restorative properties. 

Whether if you are looking for a gift for a pregnant or new mother, or as a pampering treat for your mum, check out Golden Bird's Nest for a gift that is practical and healthy at the same time. 

If you are wondering where you can get curated gifts with Golden Bird's Nest, you can check out these gift sets: 

gifts for mums

gifts for her health


malaysia gifting services

You did not think we would be doing a local brands feature without a subtle plug to our own brand, did you? 

WISHFUL is a proudly local Malaysian curated gifting company that is looking to elevate gifting to become something more than an obligation during occasions, but rather as a tangible piece to bring people closer and strengthen relationships. 

As a local brand ourselves, we are continuously on the look out for other Malaysian brands that provide amazing products to be incorporated into our gift collections. 

We have worked with many local brands, such as the above-mentioned ones, but also other equally incredible brands like Amazin Graze, Shaves2U, Perk Coffee, BHB Health and many more! 

We are so thankful to get to do what we do for our clients while supporting other outstanding local brands in the market throughout the process. 

This Merdeka, we hope you take a moment to appreciate the amazing Malaysian brands that have contributed to us in many different ways, and we hope our recommendations will inspire you to get high-quality gifts for your loved ones from these brands.

If you are looking to curate a customised gift with Malaysian brands, you can always reach out to us at contact@wishful.my or WhatsApp us at +6012 733 1672. 

Wishing all Malaysians Happy Independence Day and Malaysia Day in advance! 

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