Malaysia Day Themed Corporate or Influencer Gifting Ideas

If you are a corporate brand and you are looking to run a Merdeka or Malaysia Day campaign or gifting initiative, we know it can get tricky. Especially if you have been doing it on a yearly basis, it could often come across as repetitive. 

But fret not, with our experience in curating corporate gifts for our esteemed clients, we are here to share some tips, ideas and inspiration. We hope this can help you craft thoughtful Malaysia-themed corporate or influencer gifts to celebrate the upcoming Malaysia Day. 

1. Focus on your brand and how it resonates with Malaysians. 

Ideas for corporate gifting

Before you dive right into selecting the items to include in your Malaysia-themed gift sets, let’s take a step back and put some thought into exploring how your brand positions itself with Malaysians. 

If we are looking to run a National Day campaign, it is important that we put the key focus on our target audience — fellow Malaysians. 

Are you a a well-known household brand that has been used for generations among local families? Or are your products made specifically to cater to our Malaysian weather and climate? Or perhaps your products often incorporate unique local flavours to suit the taste profile of Malaysians? 

Give your brand, products and offerings a bit more thought on how it relates best with Malaysians. This will help you craft memorable corporate or influencer gifts that are impactful to the recipients. 

2. Explore creative angles to tell your campaign story best. 

Corporate gifting items

Now that you have identified how your brand and offerings are positioned among Malaysians, it's time to get into the gift curation planning process. 

A good place to start is by deciding on the mood and emotions you want to express through your gifting activation. 

Are you looking to invoke a sense of nostalgia to highlight the positioning of your brand? Or are you looking to showcase a fun and cheeky side to your brand through a humorous take on our local culture? Or are you looking to create an interactive gift that will bring your recipients through a series of patriotic activities? 

The gift kit should come together seamlessly to express a message or tell a story that highlights your campaign. 

3. Include products from other local brands. 

Malaysia customised gift

Now that you have decided on the angle you want to go for, here comes the exciting part — the careful selection of items you want to include in the gift bundle. 

To stay true to the overall theme of celebrating Malaysia Day, a great initiative is to incorporate recognisable Malaysian brands into your gift alongside your very own set of products.

By doing so, you get to further elevate your gifts with items that are proudly local, while supporting fellow Malaysian brands during this special occasion. We’ll say that is killing two birds with one stone! 

If you want to explore amazing local brands options, we have an article on Local Malaysian Brands To Check Out If You Are Looking For A Gift

4. Incorporate Malaysian elements into your gift packaging. 

Malaysia themed gift

With corporate and influencer gifts, we know the importance of well-planned and visually pleasing gift packaging. 

It's always a great idea to adorn Malaysian-themed gifts with elements that relate back to the theme. This does not mean the only way to go is by incorporating our Jalur Gemilang or illustrations of our cityscapes. Those could be possible ideas, but there is more to that. 

Get creative and explore how you can embed signature local elements into your packaging. Experiment with our national colours, or opt for patterns like batik or an abstract motif of our unique flora and fauna. 

But do keep in mind, that the finer details should still reflect the story you want your campaign to tell, and not force-feeding the elements which might steer away from your campaign's key messaging. 

Corporate gifting ideas

We know corporate and influencer gifting can be stressful — especially if you are planning a marketing campaign alongside the activation.

But here is the good news! You don’t have to do it all on your own. WISHFUL provides end to end corporate gifting services and we are always happy to work with your team on crafting purposeful and beautiful gifts for your clients and influencers.

If you are feeling lost on how you can plan a gifting activation surrounding Malaysia Day, or you are exploring a National-themed campaign, we are just an email away at; or you can Whatsapp us directly at +6012 733 1246 with your enquiries and we will get back to you. 

Wishing all Malaysians a blessed and lovely Malaysia Day! 

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