Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Your Mum Who Never Wants Anything

With the arrival of May coinciding with the celebration of Raya, here is a friendly reminder to you that Mother’s Day this year is on this Sunday (8th of May), which gives us only a few more days to sort out our Mother’s Day gift! 

Mother’s Day is such a significant occasion. This is the best opportunity to pamper our mothers - the women who are always behind the scenes making sure the entire family is well taken care of. 

Whether it is cooking nourishing meals for the family, being a role model for their kids, or even juggling a career while making sure the home is well-kept, we know how much our mothers have contributed to our lives. 

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Therefore, we want to share with you some Mother’s Day gift ideas, specifically for the mums who always say they don’t want or need anything but are the ones who are most deserving of all the love and pampering on this special day. 

1. For the mother who is often too busy to take care of herself. 

We all know mothers are constantly buzzing around, too busy fussing around everyone else to take care of themselves. 

From a detail-oriented mum who knows how each family member prefers their eggs cooked, to a working mum who rushes back from work to make sure she gets to have dinner with her family; they all deserve to have their health and wellness taken care of too. 

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One of the most perfect gifts for mothers who are too busy to take care of themselves would definitely be health supplements. Be it vitamins or nourishing food items or beverages, these gifts will express our gratitude to them for taking care of us - and reminding them to slow down to take care of themselves too. 

If you are looking for a gift that includes a nourishing supplement for your well-deserved mum, our Clover Mother’s Day Gift Kit comes with health drinks and botanical beverages that is sure to make them feel pampered and loved. 

2. For the mother who never spends on herself. 

Mothers are often very practical. They are willing to skimp and save up just to provide the best for their family. But when it comes to themselves, they often only spend on the bare essentials. 

If you know your mum secretly loves flowers but could never justify buying them “just because”, this is the perfect opportunity for you to send her some. 

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Be it a flower bouquet on its own, or even better, a curated Mothers’ Day gift set that comes with flowers, they are sure to appreciate it. As much as they will probably nag you for spending too much on them, you know you will put a smile on their face. 

If you are looking for beautifully curated gift kits with flowers, our collection of Mothers Day Gifts 2022 all comes with a tasteful combination of preserved flowers. 

3. For the mother who never gets to catch a break. 

Whether it is for a busy working mum who is chasing deadlines while juggling her mummy duties, a mum who is taking care of both her children and her elderly parents at the same time, or any mums who are always on to go; take this special occasion to give them a chance to rest and recharge. 

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A great gift idea for busy mothers is items that can remind her to schedule some “Me Time” for herself to unwind and relax. It could be something experiential, like giving her a DIY picnic kit for her to take the afternoon off, or even high-quality tea or a bottle of wine that you know she will appreciate as she spends some quiet time away from her responsibilities and takes a break. 

For our Mother’s Day 2022 gift sets, we wanted to incorporate experiential picnic kits that will give your mothers a chance to take a break and enjoy an afternoon picnic. If this is something you know your mum would truly love, you can check out our Dandelion (non-alcoholic) gift kits & Mimosa (alcoholic) gift kits

4. For the mother who never takes the time to pamper herself. 

A lot of times, mothers are too busy sacrificing their time for their families that they don’t take time to pamper themselves. 

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Mothers sometimes just want to indulge in a good ol’ pampering session, and it is up to us to shower them with self-care items we know they will enjoy. Some great options are scented candles, skincare or body care items, or even spa items like bath salts or massage oils. That way, we will give them a good excuse to take the time to pamper themselves because we know they deserve it most. 

If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift kit to pamper your mums, you can check out our Laurel gift box that includes the essential items for a luxurious self-care session. 

Mothers’ Day is the best excuse for us to pamper our selfless mothers who are always looking out for other people and may often forget to take care of themselves. Other than your own mothers, you could also share a gift with a mother you know who deserves some extra love on this occasion. 

If you are looking for beautiful and unique Mothers Day Gift Sets, you can check out our collection HERE. If you would like your Mothers Day gift delivery fulfilled by this weekend, do put in your orders before Wednesday, 4th May 2022. 

Wishing all strong and beautiful mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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