Practical Newborn Baby Gifts That Parents Will Appreciate

Let us put ourselves into new parents’ shoes for a moment. You are overjoyed for this new chapter in your life, but you are also incredibly overwhelmed. 

From getting used to a new addition in your home, to transitioning into a new routine of taking care of a newborn baby with the worries and anxiety that comes with it, it can be a pretty stressful time. 

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If you are looking for practical newborn baby gift ideas that parents will appreciate, here are some key items you can consider. 

1. Bath & Shower Items 

newborn baby gift ideas

One of the most fool-proof gift items for newborn babies are bath & shower items. This includes items like baby-friendly baby bath & shampoo, comfy and cute towels, or even spa items like massage oil, lotions or soft, gentle wooden combs and brushes. 

New parents spend a lot of time bonding with their little ones during and after bath time and these items will always come in handy. Often, after a nice, warm bath, the baby is getting ready for bed. These precious moments are when both parents and baby gets to spend quality time together. 

Another plus side of gifting these items is that they are used on a daily basis, so even if parents receive similar gifts, they will still get to use them in the future. 

If you are looking for a spa-themed newborn baby gift set, our Baby Spa Kit ticks all the right boxes with luxurious and pampering bath & after bath items that are fit for the little princes and princesses. 

2. Clothing Items 

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We know how irresistible tiny, baby clothing is. If you are excited to be the cool aunt or uncle to your loved ones’ newborn baby, the first step is getting them some adorable clothing pieces. Be it cute onesies or fashionable accessories, clothing items are a fun and yet practical gift choice that parents will appreciate too. 

Clothing items can be tricky when it comes to sizes, so it is always good to slightly size up just to be safe, so the baby would have time to grow into it. 

A practical option you can go with is to get cute dress shoes for the baby that is suitable for outings and social gatherings. Our Mirabelle Gift Kit (girls) and Alexander Gift Kits (boys) both come with a pair of leather shoes that will fit any occasion for our little fashionistas. 

3. Feeding Essentials 

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A baby’s feeding process is a complex journey for their parents. With the different developmental stages, parents will continuously upgrade the feeding essentials they need. From the basic milk bottles to mealtime essentials like washable bibs, bowls and spoons; these items are practical items that will come in handy. 

When deciding on which feeding essentials to go for, it might be helpful to speak to the parents, as there may be different items that would be more suitable based on their baby's feeding method preferences. 

To further elevate feeding essentials, this unique newborn gift set not only includes feeding essentials, but it also provides all the items needed for a fun outdoor picnic for the family. 

4. Cute & Cosy Items 

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It is not always we get a chance to pamper a precious newborn baby. To express your nurturing love, comfy, warm and cosy items are must-haves for a baby’s bedtime. 

Some good options are soft plush animals or cosy swaddles that will keep the baby warm and comfortable throughout the night. 

Our Mommy & Me Gift Sets come with an adorable baby elephant plush toy that is gender-neutral and is sure to put a smile on both mummies and babies alike. 

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If you want to take a step further to ensure your newborn baby's gifts are practical and will be appreciated by the parents, you can ask them directly what else are they lacking, or even do some “stalking” on their social media accounts to see if they mentioned anything in passing. 

However, despite our efforts to ensure we get the best practical gifts, it is the thoughts that count. If you are looking for beautiful and purposeful newborn baby gifts, we got you. Explore our new mom and baby gift collection and we are sure you will find something that fits. 

If you have any further enquiries about our newborn baby gifts and deliveries, you can reach out to us at or WhatsApp us at +6012 733 1672. 

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