Raya 2022 Gift Ideas: Thoughtful Gifts that Families will Appreciate

With the celebration of Hari Raya coming just around the corner, it’s that time of the year again. We might be scratching our heads trying to think of what to buy for Hari Raya gifts

But before we frantically stock up on Hari Raya hampers off the shelves, let us pause and be reminded by the true reasons why we are buying gifts for the people around us. 

Hari Raya Gift Ideas

The season of Raya marks the beginning of a new year with the spirit of forgiveness. To celebrate this meaningful fresh start with our loved ones, gifting can be a beautiful expression of our love and appreciation. 

And what better way to do so by selecting gifts with festive touches but are still thoughtful and practical? We got your back!

Here is a quick guide to Hari Raya gift ideas that families are sure to appreciate.

1. Food Items or Snacks

Raya snacks

As Malaysians, we all share our love for food. Whether it is crunchy, addictive snacks or high quality ingredients that can be whipped into healthy recipes to be shared among the family, food items will always be welcomed with open arms. 

With the festive season, there will be gatherings and quality time spent catching up with relatives and friends. Some delicious snacks or even thirst-quenching beverages will be the perfect gift to make the celebration a more joyful one. 

All our Raya Gift Sets come with a variety of food items that can be shared among family members. So if you are clueless on what combinations of food items you want to include, do check it out! 

2. Household Items

raya gifting 2022

 As the cliché saying goes, home is where the heart is. When considering Raya gifts for families, household items are a great way to elevate the home they share. 

Take some time to think about the family you are planning to get a gift for. Are they always in the kitchen cooking up a storm? Perhaps you can consider some beautiful utensils that are colour-coordinated. Are they always hosting dinners with friends? Perhaps you can consider getting them a set of plates or cutlery that matches the aesthetics of their home. 

If you are interested in incorporating household items, do check out our Raya 2022 Gift Collection. We have thoughtfully included household items that are both stunning and practical to fit into the homes of your loved ones.  

3. Experiences 

raya gift guide

The best gift you can give to a family is the gift of quality time. If you want your Hari Raya gift to be memorable, explore the option of gifting something that can encourage them to spend quality time together as a unit. 

Be it tickets to go watch a show together, or games that are suitable for all ages to play with, these gifts will give the family a chance to enjoy a good time together. 

The best thing about this gift is that not only are you giving them a tangible item, but you are sprinkling a little fun and whimsy that the whole family can enjoy. 

If you know a family who appreciates a walk down memory lane, our NYAMAN and RIANG Raya Gift Sets include a traditional gasing that is a nostalgic toy often played with neighbours in the kampung back in the day.

4. Luxurious Pampering Items 

Hari Raya Gift Box 2022

On top of practical gifts that are mentioned above, another thoughtful gift for families during this Raya is luxurious pampering items that can be enjoyed by all. 

Explore gifts that you know they often don’t splurge on their own. From high quality desserts to cosy scented candles, a gift like this can act as a thoughtful reminder to our loved ones - to take it slow and savour little moments together. 

If you know a family who would appreciate luxuries like this, our CERIA Hari Raya gift box includes two bars of decadent Whittaker’s Almond Gold Chocolates and a refreshing Lime Basil & Mandarin Scented Candle that they are sure to enjoy. 

Bonus: Add a Touch of Personalisation. 

Hari Raya card

 With the spirit of expressing our love with gifts, the best way to show your loved ones your sincerity is by adding a touch of personalisation to the gifts you shower them with. 

We all love receiving gifts with our names and a personalised note, so do the same for your loved ones too. 

Our Raya Gift Sets 2022 come with a festive-themed personalised printed message card that can be doubled up as a bookmark, so get creative in your custom message and our team will deliver. 

We hope this Raya Gift Guide has provided you with some inspiration for thoughtful gifts for the families around you. We wish you and your loved ones a meaningful festive season filled with joy and togetherness! 

If you have any further questions about our 2022 Hari Raya gift sets, feel free to reach out to us at contact@wishful.my or WhatsApp us at +6012 733 1672.

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