Understanding the History of Diwali & the Inspiration Behind the Mayura Collection

The end-of-the-year celebration of "Diwali" or "Deepavali," is here and the amazing five days celebration includes worship, feasts, fireworks, family get-togethers, and charity work!  

Did you know?

This significant festival generally occurs in October or November and is also called the Indian festival of lights! A time when Hindus decorate their house with colourful lanterns and Diyas.

Indian women gathering with diyas
A little fun fact: 

This major festival is celebrated by more than a billion individuals of various religions (Buddhist, Sikh, and Jains) throughout India and its diaspora, including Malaysia!

For some, Diwali is to mark the start of a new year. Now, let’s dive deeper into the real significance of Diwali.


Understanding the History Behind Diwali

If you aren’t aware, Diwali commemorates the victory of light over darkness and goodness over wickedness, it’s also known as a "row of lights" in Sanskrit!

Fun fact:

Traditionally, people line up brilliantly glowing clay lamps (Diyas) outside their dwellings as according to Hindu mythology, it’s a welcome tribute to Lord Rama (The seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnut) for his triumph against Ravana (The demon king, raksasa).

Diwali gift exchange
Were you aware of this?

In Hindu culture, the custom of exchanging gifts and treats with loved ones is widely practiced as a gesture of affection and best wishes. Individuals focus on their relationships and bonds with dear ones, forgiving and forgetting unpleasant thoughts.


The Inspiration of the Mayura

For this year’s WISHFUL Diwali 2022 collection - The Mayura, it was inspired by the majestic peacock. This national bird of India is an auspicious symbol in Hinduism and is believed to bring forth wealth, prosperity, joy, and harmony into your home.

The mayura gift set

An interesting fact is that the peacock feather may be seen in Krishna's crown (eighth avatar of Vishnu), the god of defense, mercy, kindness, and love. Meanwhile, Kartikeya, the god of combat and victory, also charges into battle on a peacock!

Diwali emphasises the hope and New Year with family and friends. Take this special celebration to send good wishes or make new beginnings in a form of a gift to your loved one, or even to brighten up your clients’ and stakeholders’ day!

 The Mayura

Just like our other festive gift sets, our beautiful curated Diwali set, The Mayura was opened to customisation as well as for bulk orders for corporate clients. If you are looking to curate special gifts for the coming festive season, you can reach out to us at corporate@wishful.my or WhatsApp us at +6012 733 1246 with your enquiries and we will get back to you!

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