Unique Japanese-Inspired Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Sets For Your Loved Ones

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Ever since we launched our mid-autumn festival collection, we have received many compliments and early bird orders (thank you so much for your immense support!).

Our team have poured in many long hours and efforts in the past few months to come up with a unique yet traditional take on gifting for this meaningful occasion, and could not be more excited to see you and your loved ones enjoy it. 

As we inch closer to Mid-Autumn Festival, we thought we shall share a little bit more about each of our mid-autumn gift sets, dive into the meaning and significance behind them and help you select the perfect gift for the occasion—whether it is for a loved one or a corporate client. 

About Our Tsukimi Collection: 

Mid-autumn 2022

This Mid-Autumn Festival, our collection is heavily inspired by Tsukimi, directly translating to "moon-viewing" is the Japanese harvest moon festival. This Japanese custom of moon viewing during this festival is as a way of expressing gratitude to the seasonal beauty of nature, similiar to our Chinese traditions of appreciating the full moon with our loved ones.

The full moon is said to invoke a sense of nostalgia and longing, which is why it is often celebrated among family members and friends. 

1. Fortune (Seigaiha) 

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Our Fortune Gift Set is inspired by Seigaiha, which translates to “blue sea and waves”. This refers to the Japanese illustration of seas and oceans, a key element of Japanese culture. Seigaiha often symbolises peace, good luck and fortune. 

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Our Fortune Gift Box comes in a beautiful foldable box with Japanese-inspired pattern which is unraveled to reveal four boxes of mooncakes and delights—featuring options of either 4 Mooncakes, or 2 Mooncakes paired with Traditional Puer Tea and Wooden Coaster in a Floral Design, or a Bag of Nostalgic Candies and a Pair of Wooden Fork and Knife. 

This gift kit highlights the core basic elements of Mid-Autumn Festival, whilst encouraging loved ones to come together to enjoy an evening of bonding over traditional treats. 

2. Vitality (Asanoha) 

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Asanoha refers to the hemp leaves pattern often featured in Japanese art, which symbolises vitality and strength. Hemp leaves are known to grow vigorously without the need for a lot of care, which is why it is often used to represent well wishes of good health, strength and vitality. 

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Our Vitality Gift Set comes in our signature one-of-a-kind paper lantern inspired packaging, crafting a unique and nostalgic unboxing experience.

Apart from holding the mooncakes and other delights, the paper lantern packaging can be then repurposed as a beautiful home decor with its Japanese inspired scenes of the mid-autumn season adorned from every angle.  

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You have a choice of either 3 Mooncakes with Unscented Tea Light Candles, or varied options of 2 Mooncakes with Glutinous Rice Puer Tea and a Wooden Coaster, Saucer Plate and Wooden Fork and Knife Set, or Candies and Wooden Fork and Knife Set. 

This gift kit evokes nostalgia and sentiments, creating a memorable unboxing experience—which is ideal for those who appreciates a well-thought out gift. 

3. Longevity (Kiku) 

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Our Longevity Gift Set is heavily inspired by Kiku, the Japanese Chrysanthemum pattern that symbolises longevity, endurance and integrity. This pattern is often also linked to the beginning of the Autumn, as Chrysanthemums are known for blooming in this season. 

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This gift set further elevates the unboxing experience with its traditional Furoshiki wrapping style, and captivates the recipient with the whimsy of a colourful fan that unfolds as you unbox the wooden chest to discover the treasures inside. 

This versatile wooden box can then be repurposed as a statement home decor that creates a classic and vintage addition to your space. 

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Being the highest tier of our Tsukimi Collection, Longevity Gift Sets comes with an alcoholic option that comes with Tokubetsu Junmai Sake and Sake Bottle, Cups and Tray Set to pair with the other mid-autumn delights; or a non-alcoholic option that comes with Glutinous Rice Puer Tea and a Ceramic Tea Pot set with Wooden Coasters. 

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The Longevity Gift Set also includes 4 Mooncakes, 5 pairs of Wooden Chopsticks, 2 Round Paper Lanterns, a box of Nostalgic Colourful Candles and Nostalgic Candies. 

This gift set is grand, extravagant and makes a statement on its own which makes it the ideal gift to be shared among a big family, or impress your corporate clients with something that will stand out from the others. 

With our Tsukimi Collection, you get to take a unique approach by incorporating the meaning and traditions behind Tsukimi. With these gifts, you will be sure to leave a memorable impact on this meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival.

If you are looking to make a corporate gift order, you can contact us at corporate@wishful.my or Whatsapp us at +6012 733 1246 and we will be happy to support you!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed Mid-Autumn Festival! 


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