We received the Top Creative Award by JCI Pearl Women Entrepreneur Award 2022 in August this year. 

The prestigious ceremony was held in Penang together with the presence of many other strong women-led businesses. Here's a small note from our Co-Founders, Careen and Priscilla on their sentiments from receiving this award:

"What started out as a passion project and side hustle from our kitchen tables grew bigger than we ever imagined.

Though we did not have huge expectations and dreams when we first started out, we had a clear vision and mission from the very beginning that drove us forward:

To revolutionise the way gifting is done, to curate gifts that are purposeful, practical and beautiful. Gifts that excite the giver and receiver, gifts that are thoughtful, personalised and help enhance and strengthen relationships.

Tonight we’re honoured and humbled to have received the Top Creative Award by JCI Pearl’s Women Entrepreneur Award".

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